Fun at the Minnesota State Fair

20150830_105639[1]We exhibited for the first time at the Minnesota State Fair August 27 through Labor Day. What a wonderful experience!

Our location in Werner Coliseum put us right where much of the horse show, cattle show and bull riding action took place.

Although we were very busy during the 12 days of the show, we did get to sneak away from the booth and see some of the horse show events including the draft horse hitches and the unique and exciting trailer race.

We also met many fun and interesting folks including the woman who moved into the Guinness Book of World Records for her collection of cow items that tops 10,000!

The Minnesota State Fairgrounds is beautiful with wide boulevards and streets, lots of tall trees and plenty of benches. A full fireworks display followed the grandstand show each night.

There were lots of delicious and interesting food choices. We especially enjoyed the wild rice burgers, pickle dogs and cinnamon rolls.

If you get a chance, add the Great Minnesota Get-Together to your list of places to go. It’s held for 12 days ending on Labor Day each year.

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